With summer already here, prevention is definitely better than cure when it comes to fighting flies. After all, who wants fly-catchers and sticky fly traps all over the house once pests take up residence?

 The best way to keep your home fly free is to banish typical breeding sites. Putting out the garbage and disposing of pet waste regularly is an essential start, while covering bins and compost heaps with tight-fitting lids will stop flies from finding a home. 

With that sorted, if you have pets you should also aim to regularly remove their soiled bedding, straw, garbage and any other decaying plant and animal matter from around the home and garden. Your nose is a good guide — if it smells bad to you, it’s perfume to a bug-eyed beast!

Wrap up any wet rubbish then put it into a plastic rubbish bag. You’ll be saved the hassle of emptying and cleaning bins as well as avoiding fly-breeding sites.

In the kitchen, avoid leaving food uncovered (including pet food) and throw away anything you spot a fly landing on. Just remember, every time they land, they defecate and vomit — enough said!

Tip: If you hear that familiar buzz right before bedtime — always the way — turn off all the lights in the room, leaving only a glow from an outside light or street light, and open the window. The fly will naturally head towards it.