Protecting your home, food and wardrobe from moths is easier than you might think. A common household pest, moths live and breed in cool, damp, dark places. So when it comes to moth control, think of all the spots in your home with these characteristics, such as cupboards and wardrobes.

If you’ve ever wondered what was chewing holes in your favourite outfits as they hung in the wardrobe, it’s actually the newly hatched larvae of clothes moths. Look out for irregularly shaped holes, where yarns have been severed, or droppings and silk threads. To prevent infestation, make sure the family’s clothes — especially woollens, mohair and fur — are dry-cleaned or washed before long periods of storage and sealed in vacuum-packed plastic bags through summer.

Pantry moths, are another frequent home invader. It’s worth checking through all the dry food in your pantry on a regular basis, looking for a cream-coloured, worm-like creature with a brown head — your rice might be wriggling without you realising it! With a taste for all grain products, dried fruit (especially figs), powdered milk, seeds, nuts, crackers and chocolate  — to name just a few — pantry moths are a hungry pest. If you spot an infestation, conduct a close examination of all food items, corners and crevices to identify the source.