Do I need to treat the entire house?

Yes. If you have an insect infestation, it’s recommended that you treat the entire house for the most effective results.

How many cans do I need?

One can will treat an average-size room (16 cubic metres, or 4-square-metre floor area). If the area you’re treating is very large you may need two cans.

Do I need to wash my bedding after letting off Mortein bombs?

Mortein bombs do leave a very fine residue on surface areas, but unless you set one off at the foot of your bed it shouldn’t be necessary to wash your bedding. That said, if you feel concerned or uncomfortable about the idea of sleeping in the bed after the room has been bombed, wash your bedding.

Do I need to turn off the electricity when using Mortein bombs?

Yes. These products are highly flammable and even a small spark could cause a fire. If possible, switch off the electricity at the main. Otherwise, all power points must be switched off and the fire alarm disconnected. Indoor gas appliances should be turned off too.

I have a fish tank that can’t be switched off. Is it safe to use Mortein bombs if the tank is switched on?

Mortein Control Bombs can be highly toxic to aquatic life, so we recommend moving your fish tank or using a different product. Don’t forget to switch off the electricity before setting off a Mortein Control Bomb.

For how long do I need to leave the treated area?

You can re-enter the house after 2 hours. Then open windows and doors to ventilate the house for 30 minutes before switching the electricity back on.

Do I have to remove the kids’ toys?

Children’s toys should be covered or removed, especially if the kids are at an age when they put things into their mouth.

Is it advisable to use Mortein bombs if I’m sensitive to chemicals and fragrances?

No, because these bombs have residual activity. Mortein Control Bomb has 3 months’ residual activity and Mortein Flea Bomb remains active for 9 months.


Remember to read the label before installing and using this product and only use as directed