Can I use Mortein Ant Sand around my citrus trees?

It’s fine to use Mortein Ant Sand around citrus trees. The active ingredient is not systemic in plants, so it won’t harm them.

Can I use Mortein Ant Sand on fire ants?

No. Fire ants are a notifiable pest and you have a legal obligation to report infestations by calling the Fire Ant Control Centre on 13 25 23. The service was set up by the Department of Primary Industries to eradicate fire ants from Australia. Tackling nests yourself can be dangerous because fire ants are extremely aggressive when disturbed, inflicting a painful, burning sting.

I have a problem with Argentine ants. How can I get rid of them?

Primarily use Mortein Ant Sand outside your home and Mortein Nest Kill Ant Baits inside. You can also use Mortein Barrier Outdoor Surface Spray around the perimeter of your house and under it to keep the ants out.

Will Mortein Ant Sand kill meat ants?

Mortein Ant Sand has been tested on various species of meat ants so it should be effective in getting rid of meat ants.

Can I use it inside?

No. Mortein Ant Sand is an outdoor product only and is designed to spread into cracks and crevices where ants are active. It is not bait, so leaving a pile in the corner of the kitchen won’t work. It needs to be spread and it works through contact with the ant. Be careful if you have young children around—because the product is sand, it may irritate toddlers’ skin and eyes if they come into contact with it. To control ants inside use Mortein Nest Kill Ant Baits.