We’ve all experienced anything from shock to sheer terror on spotting a big spider and perhaps the one that provokes the most fear is the huntsman, purely because of its large body and hairy features.

Huntsmans are more frightening than dangerous and there are easy, humane and simple ways to deal with unexpected visitors of the eight-legged kind.

Here’s our touch-proof guide to dealing with a Huntsman spider:

  1. Once the spider’s on an accessible flat surface, gently place a cup over it and then slide the card between the cup and the surface.
  2. Take the spider outside, a good distance away from your home and gently set it free. DO NOT SQUASH IT as this may cause the egg sack to tear and release its contents. You don’t want hundreds of little spiders invading your space.
  3. Go back home for a soothing cuppa and congratulate yourself on your bravery.
  4. Protect your home in future by investing in long-term measures, such as Mortein Kill & Protect Odourless Surface Spray 350g .

It’s also a good idea to make sure you vacuum regularly and remove any spider webs, keeping your space clean and therefore unattractive to spiders (and other insects, for that matter).

Note: For the severe arachnophobe, adventures in spider capture might not seem very appealing, so the first port of call is more likely to be an insect spray. If you’re the sensitive type who finds scented insect sprays a little heavy on the nose, Mortein Kill & Protect Odourless Crawling Insect Killer will do the trick.