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Mortein Odourless Auto Insect Control System

Set & forget for continuous protection. Mortein odourless multi-insect automatic spray contains 90% natural ingredients with 1.4% of synthetic actives. Device has 5 settings.

Mortein PowerGard Automatic Multi Insect Spray Odourless Prime + Refill

Mortein PowerGard The Expert's Multi-Insect Automatic Insect Spray Odourless prime + refill kit provides superior release for continuous protection against insects. (superior spray vs. NaturGard Refill) Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Mortein PowerGard DIY Indoor & Outdoor Insect Surface Spray 2L

Mortein PowerGard DIY Professional DIY Outdoor & Indoor Surface Spray protects for up to 6 months outdoors & indoors.