Kill & Protect Flea Bomb Twin Pack

Kill & Protect Flea Bomb Twin Pack

If you notice pets scratching more than usual or family members with itchy feet and ankles, it may be time to bring out the flea bomb. Mortein Flea Bomb is a simple, fast and long-lasting solution for how to get rid of fleas. DIY-friendly, not only does the bomb kill all fleas within reach of the fine mist, it also breaks the bugs’ breeding cycle, preventing re-infestation for up to 9 months.

Note that when the product is being used for the first time, it may take up to three weeks for the Insect Growth Regulator to reach full effectiveness and achieve a complete break in the breeding cycle. During this period, using Mortein Easy Reach Surface Spray, Mortein Odourless Surface Spray or Mortein High Performance Surface Spray is recommended.

Available in packs of two 150g cans.
Kill & Protect Flea Bomb Twin Pack
Deals with:

What it does

This product is designed to kill fleas and flea eggs inside your home for up to 9 months using a unique insect growth regulator (IGR). 


Specifically developed for when your house is struck by a nasty flea invasion.

Where to use

For indoor use only, in spaces not smaller than 5m3. It’s also not a substitute for regular pet flea control; consult your veterinarian for advice.

How to use

Read all instructions before use and note the following:



1. Open cupboard drawers. Close outside doors and windows. Vacuum carpets thoroughly.

2. Shake can well before use. Place can on a sheet of newspaper in the centre of the room. One can to each average size room (16 square metres; floor area 4 x 4 metres).
Do not use in spaces of volume smaller than 5m3. For most effective results, entire dwelling should be treated. Use additional cans for remote or large rooms or where full flow of mist may be obstructed.

3. Tilt sprayer away from face and push locking tab down firmly until it snaps into place. Can will start to spray before it locks.

4. Leave room and close door so the mist does not escape. After two hours, open all doors and windows and allow treated area to air for 30 minutes. Allow complete airing before turning on electrical appliances and pilot lights.

5. Remove dead insects by vacuuming. Over the next few days, as Mortein Flea Bomb penetrates into insect hiding places, more dead and affected fleas may be seen. Vacuum carpets weekly to remove dead fleas. The insect growth regulator (IGR) takes two – three weeks to achieve full effectiveness and totally eliminate flea infestations for up to nine months. Use a Mortein Surface Spray to kill adult fleas during this period.

6. Treat pets with a registered animal flea control product.