Nest Kill Cockroach Baits


How do I set Mortein cockroach baits?

Place them as instructed on the pack or on the Mortein website. Don’t pull them apart or pierce them.

Do Mortein cockroach baits have a use-by date?

The baits have a shelf life of 2 years. Although they don’t display a use-by date, they do deteriorate and may not be effective after that time. Once the baits have been placed they have a life of 3 months. The waxy bait inside the trap is used up when cockroaches travel across it or eat it.

Can I use Mortein cockroach baits outside?

No. These products are designed for indoor use only. Outside, use Mortein Barrier Outdoor Surface Spray to keep cockroaches away.

Can I use Mortein cockroach baits around my pets?

No. While the baits don’t release any harmful chemicals, they can be hazardous if your pet chews them.

Where is the bait in the Mortein Nest Kill Cockroach Baits pack?

The bait pellet sits between the black discs and shouldn’t be removed or disturbed. It is located so as to attract cockroaches, which will eat the bait and then go off to die.